Watch the State of SQL Server Monitoring tomorrow

Tomorrow Redgate is running a webinar on the State of SQL Server Monitoring with Grant, Chris Yates, Annette Allen, and Tony Maddonna. You can register now and attend on June 25, at 4pm BST/11am EDT/8am PDT.

What has Redgate’s latest survey revealed about the state of SQL Server monitoring in 2019? Each year we contract for a survey on monitoring and produce a report (similar to and in addition to the State of Database DevOps). This is the only industry report to benchmark monitoring in the SQL Server community, now in its second year.

Join our panel of SQL Server experts as they discuss the key findings of our industry-leading report, that includes insights such as:

  • Getting to grips with growing estates
  • Issues caused by migrations
  • Which tooling is being used
  • Staying on top of multiple database systems
  • What is the next big challenge facing the industry.

The report has data from over 800 participants across a range of sectors and from all around the globe. The key findings include: Estates are continuing to grow, migrations is predicted to be the biggest challenge facing database professionals this year, adoption of cloud technologies is increasing and Redgate’s SQL Monitor is the most popular third-party tool (even when we remove out customer base).

The report will be available after the 25th June. Look for a link, or attend the webinar and we’ll send you the link.

Register today.

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