Learning More about Kubernetes (K8s)

I know a bit about this, but I’m always looking for more. I had the chance to see Brendon Burns recently and I was impressed. That is one seriously smart dude. In any case, I saw a link from Microsoft: 50 days from zero to hero with Kubernetes. It’s at this link: aka.ms/learnkubernetes

I decided to dig in a bit, because it’s a complex subject in some sense and going through some resources can help solidify how this works.

Day 1

It’s a children’s story of a visit to a zoo, with an attempt to explain what pods, replica sets and other items. The first few items made sense to me since I’d worked with K8s slightly before.

However, as the story delved into more complex subjects, like Ingresses and Daemon Sets, I had a vague idea of what ese were, but not really. I’m not sure I could explain back what some of these do. I hope future days will help me understand.

Day 2

Day 2 is a video on Containers from Brendon Burns. He talks about the history of VMs and then lightly on what a container is and how this fits together. Since I’ve watched some of Nigel Poulton’s courses at Pluralsight, this makes sense and reinforces what I know. It also gives me another way to explain things.

However, for others, I wonder if this makes sense to them. It’s a very high level, but fast view of containers. Worth watching if you want to know more.

I’ll continue on with the series as I get time, likely a very sporadic look at this technology.

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    aka.ms/learnkubernetes is broken


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