Make the most of your PASS Summit Evenings

At this year’s PASS Summit, I’ll only be around for a short time, and really only Monday night. I have two pre-cons to do and then need to get home for some personal commitments. I am hoping to make the first of these events, but if you’re there all week, I’ve got two things for you to attend.

Monday Night Networking

Years ago Andy Warren and I (mostly him) set up a networking dinner on Monday night. The idea was to get people together that were there early and have them socialize and meet fellow professionals. We ran it for a number of years before handing it off to Lisa Griffin Bohm, who continues to run it now.

This is listed as one of the community events, and it’s on Monday, Nov 4, at the Tap House on 6th. It’s from 5:30-8:30 and I’m going to drop by and say hi.

You can sign up here, and I highly recommend this if you don’t have plans. There are free tickets, but this is mostly to manage the flow of people. This is buy your own, but it’s a fun time for everyone.

Come meet some people and share a drink or dinner.

Game Night

Another idea from Andy and I (again, mostly him), but this one was fun. We decided that we didn’t want a loud night in a bar that some vendor hosted. We knew lots of fellow attendees felt the same way, so we hosted a game night in a room at the Convention Center. Quiet, bring your own games or join in with others. There are lots of gamers out there and some really fascinating games.

To ensure we can cover a bartender with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, tickets cost something here, but the tickets can be exchanged for a drink.

Kevin Hill hosts this now and there are two nights. Sign up for Wednesday with Kevin or Thursday with Matt Cushing (or both nights).

Community and Vendor Events

PASS doesn’t run a party anymore, but there are lots of things happening all throughout the week. There are a number of events (including those above) listed on the PASS Community Hosted Events page. Click the various boxes at the top to see different events that are happening.

I urge you to engage in some social event. Something quiet, something fun, it doesn’t matter. Just meet and network with others. If nothing else, sit with someone at lunch and then ask if they want to get a quiet (or not so quiet) dinner later.

Or set up your own event. A number of these events are started by someone in the community, and the next fun thing could be yours.

One hint: if you want to attend a vendor party where things are paid for, go have an honest conversation or two with a vendor in the expo. Ask them questions, learn what their products do, and see if something might help you at work. Regardless of budget, educate yourself and maybe you’ll get a ticket to one of their evening parties.

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