Resetting an Azure SQL Database Admin Password

This is likely something that most people know, but it was a bit confusing for me. This post is really here to remind me and help cement this in my mind.

I went to connect to a QA database that I don’t use very often, and for some reason, I couldn’t remember the password. I tried a number of them, but none worked. Not the best situation to find yourself in.

I then decided to just reset the password and went to the database Overview. This is what I saw:

2019-11-26 17_53_06-Sandbox (dkranchapps_Sandbox) - Microsoft Azure

I could have sworn there was a “Reset” option here. I even tried searching a few places and there were people that mentioned there being a reset. Why wasn’t I seeing one?

Because I was in the wrong place. Reading closer a post on the Tech Community, I see that I need to be in the SQL Server server blade, not the database.

Once I realized that, I clicked over to that spot in the portal. Looking at my SQL Server, and I see the Reset.

2019-11-26 17_56_42-dkranchstaging - Microsoft Azure

Slightly confusing, and certainly something I hope I remember from here, but if a new developer is working with databases, they might not realize this.

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