T-SQL Tuesday Gifts (#121)


It’s that time of month. I missed last month while traveling, but I wanted to get back in the party. This month, Mala has invited us to talk about the gifts we’ve gotten this year. An easy one for me in 2019.

Down Under

The gift for me this year was getting to travel to Australia and New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to go and haven’t been quite able to make it a priority. Last year when I heard we had a Redgate office opening in Australia, I knew this was my chance. We decided to run a few SQL in the City Summit events in 2019 down under and I got to go.

I was lucky enough to go, and not only attend a few events, but I spent nearly a month in Australia/New Zealand. I spoke at 3 SQL in the City Summits and three SQL Saturdays, which were very enjoyable for me.

I brought my family along for part of the trip and ended up traveling a little in the middle and taking some holiday. I managed to visit Brisbane, Melbourne, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Queenstown.

Things went well, and I actually went back to Sydney in September, but just for a couple days. Still, I made the most of it.


This was truly a gift for me.

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