Day 2 Sabbatical Part Deux

A break from life today. I got up early and packed the car. I was hoping my wife would be joining me, but she’s been a bit ill, so off by myself today.


We have a place at Keystone, but it’s rented this week, so just a day trip for me. Things were looking good when I arrived, sunny, not too cold.


Tuesdays aren’t that busy, though there was a lot of traffic. It took almost 3 hours to get up here with rush hour and construction. However, I’ve only been once this year, so I was willing to brave the roads.


I like the backside of Keystone, and I headed over there. I used to come here regularly, but it’s been a few years since I’ve made it. This time, I warmed up on a few runs, then it was time for Oh, Bob. A fairly bumpy run on the far mountain.

I spent about an hour going up and down, alternating the smooth runs with Bob, then decided to give one of the black runs a go. Halfway down, I had a lot of bumps left.


I took a break for a few minutes, as I was going slow and burning lots of calories.


After about 3 hours, and 12 runs, I was tired.

It was a good day, a bit windy and chilly, but nice and peaceful. Lots of solo lift rides.


A nice, easy ride back to the car and then I packed up to come home. A stop at Beau Jo’s for Colorado Pizza on the way home.


A few errands on the way home, grabbing supplies for more work on the house this week. Then relaxing a bit, and handling some coaching duties. Planning practice and watching film.

Not a lot of guitar today, as my fingers hurt a bit, but I did spend about 30 minutes practicing “I Walk the Line”. That’s the song for the next day or two, as I hope to get a decent rendition of it down and then add it to a list of things to practice.

A good second day of a break.

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