Day 1 Sabbatical, Part Deux

It’s day 1, which was off to a slow start. Yesterday was a long day coaching volleyball, and a long drive, so a slow start to today.

I actually started by fixing my last blog post for work, where I’d made a small error that a number of people pointed out. Easy to make mistakes, but with a cup of coffee this morning, I did a little web editing.

While I was sorting out this, I finished watching a video I’d started recently, a tutorial on playing Jack Johnson’s Better Together. It’s not a hard song, but it’s hard on the hands with the bar chords. I’ve been learning a bit with Marty Schwartz, and I continued with this one.

I decided to record a bit and see if I get better. Here I am getting ready, and if you really want to hear some tentative, iffy playing, here’s a link.


I then spent about an hour going through a few lessons from Guitar Jamz. I decided to do a few things from different courses, just practicing. First was strumming, going through some exercises. Then it was an easy song in the Johnny Cash style. I enjoyed practicing some strumming and chord changes.

After an hour, I decided to get some work done. I cleaned up a little around the house and sharpened a few knives. I’ve had my Tormek on the table for a few days, trying to find time to sharpen a few pocketknives that have dulled. I rewatched some instructions since I hadn’t used that jig in awhile and then handled those.

Basement Time

I decided to start in the basement, cleaning things up. There’s an area where I stored lots of SQLServerCentral stuff for years, and it’s a mess.


Lots of stuff just laying around this room, and piled up from various times in the SSC life.


I packed up and threw a bunch away. I also discovered some old signs, like this original podcast backdrop.


And v2.


I even found some books


I tossed a bunch in our dumpster, but it started to get full, so I’ll slow down and pile this stuff downstairs for a week until that gets emptied. I did manage to save some Redgate swag and SSC shirts, which I’ll go give away at some UG meetings or SQL Saturdays later this year.

My wife needed a little help, so I went out to get a battery back in an ATV and fix a little fence. Then it was a few errands, returning a cart to the volleyball gym and recycling some oil so I can change more oil in the UTV/ATVs.

Finally, a little workout time for me.


I came home and ended the day with a Greek meal.


Now, time to relax. I’ll likely play a little guitar in bed and visit with my wife.

A slow first day, but a good one. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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