Day 13 Sabbatical, Part Deux

A work day, trying to get a few things done around a busy life. I got up early to practice guitar and get in a few lessons before a massage. I know, life is hard, but normally I wouldn’t be getting in guitar or massages this often without a sabbatical.

Today was a easy day, and a short one with volleyball practice. I slept in a little. I’ve been a bit worn out with all the physical activity, especially after some hard runs yesterday. I got up in time for about 30 minutes of guitar, then it was off to:


A hot stone massage. I haven’t had one in awhile, but it felt good. A really relaxing massage from the therapist my wife really likes and recommends. I came out of there feeling good and immediately hit the gym for a little weight lifting. It must have felt good as I upped a few weights in the bench press and lat pulldowns.

Afterwards, I had to hit the grocery and hardware store for a couple things, then home.

It was cold and a little windy, so I stayed inside, getting the wire rope disconnected from the winch and then trying to decide how to proceed. I need to go remount it, which is the plan for tomorrow. Since it was only a couple hours from practice, I decided to skip that today and watch film.

It’s not really film, but one of the parents for my team records the games, so I re-watched a loss from last weekend. It’s hard to fit this in and I sometimes feel like I’m rushing things when I watch, so I took time today, made some notes, and then built a practice plan.

With a little more time, I hit the guitar again, doing a run through of a few songs, just to keep moving.

Then it was practice and dinner. An easy night.

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