Day 12 Sabbatical, Part Deux

Snow day. A break from things, and this makes my third snowboarding day in three weeks. Good, but not great. Still, nice to be on the slopes. I was up early, driving alone. My wife’s toe is better, but not enough. Hopefully she’ll go with me next week.

It was chilly, 15F, but no wind, not not a bad day. At first it was overcast, but the day cleared up and eventually I could see Breckenridge from Keystone.


I spent about 3.5 hours on the slopes, warming up a bit on blues, and then working through some moguls. I love the Oh, Bob! run, but I tackled a new one today: Wolverine.


It’s a steep, tough, in the trees, all mogul run. I had a few minor spills, and had to rest a couple times, but made it down. According to my watch, in about 14 minutes, which was the longest run of the day. A good day overall, wandering a bit around the mountains.

2020-01-28 19_15_05-Garmin Connect

Then it was time for home. No happy hour, but I did stop for more Beau Jo’s on the way home.


On the way back, I’d been looking a cheap, used, electric guitars. I wanted something else in the office to practice with, and a cheap electric seemed like fun. I found one locally on Facebook marketplace for just over $100. It’s not great, a cheap Dean, and a small amp, but it gives me something to keep in the office and play with. I tuned it and messed around a touch before calling it a day.

A good day 12.

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