Day 17, Sabbatical Part Deux

It’s hard to take six weeks off. Not as hard as it used to be, but still hard. I have commitments, and today I popped up for a bit to work on some. I was accepted to speak at the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Training Days conference later this month. I did some prep before the break, but I need to do a bit more before I speak.

Today is prep day, going over my talk, submitting a deck, and working through some of the timing, and handling payments for SQLServerCentral. It’s a big deal to move these for a month to someone else, so I’m just doing them. Don’t worry, I’m taking a couple extra days at the end of sabbatical to make up for this.

After about 4 hours of misc work work, I took a break for lunch and then started on guitar. Trying to work through two songs today: Ain’t No Sunshine (easy) and “House of the Rising Sun” (easy, but tough fingerpicking). I got them outlined a bit, and practiced more of Wonderful Tonight, which is tricky.

That occupied a good portion of the day, which was ugly outside. It was 5F when I got up and got worse. This is my return trip from the gym. Weightlifting today, getting back on track.


Chilly outside.

I came home to cook and then do a bit more Marie Kondo’ing. I tackled some of the kitchen tonight, trying to clean up the pantry.


It looks crowded, but I found plenty to get rid of, including some cans that expired in 202-2017. Maybe they’re still good, but not taking chances, and some of them are things we won’t eat anymore.


Not the stuff I wanted to be cleaning, but it worked out well for tonight. Now off to a little more guitar work, which is becoming the focus of my time off.

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