It’s Not April Fools – Redgate Streamed is Coming

Next week is April 1, typically April Fools Day, where we have jokes, pranks, and false stories. I’ve done my share of them, but this isn’t one. With the postponement of SQL Bits,we are running a three day virtual event, Redgate Streamed. Each day is separate, and you can register for each below.

The world of software development marches on, and many of us are being asked to do more with less all the time. We’re being asked to be more flexible and responsive in our database development. Redgate can help, and we have a number of sessions that will give you practical knowledge, and others that will make you think. I’m particularly looking forward to the panels, and I’m interested in what the others have to say.

If you need a break from work, want some free training, and are missing the chance to attend live events, think about joining us for Redgate Streamed next week.

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