Daily Coping 26-Mar 2020

I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter, which is helping me deal with the issues in the world. I’m adding my responses for each day here.

Today I published: Get active, even if you’re stuck indoors, move and stretch

That’s an easy one for me. I like exercising, but I like a variety. My challenges during the first two weeks of March:

  • Yoga class: cancelled
  • Weightlifting at the gym: closed
  • Snowboarding: resorts closed

However, I have no great excuse. I let some down feelings get in my way and I struggled to move. I did some yoga on my own, and did some stationary bike riding, but not enough.

The plan for me now:

Move every day

I’ll take a few exceptions if I’m really busy, but not many. I ran every day for four years, so finding 20 minutes a day to take care of myself should be easy.


I assume the gym will open again, but who knows when. Even when it does, I can’t always go, and I can’t use that as an excuse not to take care of myself.

My goal is to practice yoga 4 times a week during lunch. Without a class, I’ll be on my own, but there are a few things to make this easier. I can get my wife or kids to participate. They will sometimes, and that’s useful. We can go through some flows together and help each other work.

I like Yoga with Tim. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve done these when I’m on the road at times. I need to get used to doing this more. If you like him, consider supporting him. One of my co-workers, Annabel, likes Adrianne, so check her out as well.

I have a stationary bike, and that’s usually my “I’m too busy, stressed, or unfocused to do anything else” choice. I’ll use this a couple times a week to fill things in. As the weather gets better in Denver, I’m going to try and ride outside with my wife more.

I need to keep weight lifting. I think that is one of the keys to keeping a healthy body as I age. We have some weights in the basement, so I’ll try to get down there twice a week.

My boss swears by floor Pilates, and does it when he travels. I may give some of these a try.

Otherwise, I have a standing desk, and I am trying to remember to move it up and down a few times during the day. I also do some light yoga stretching when I am consuming some content (reading, watching, etc.)

Health matters, and I urge all of you to move more. We sit too much as it is to not ensure this is a part of our lives.


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