Code from Redgate Streamed

I presented a session today at Redgate Streamed and did a number of demos. The code consists of a few flies, which I’ve made available here:

This consists of:

  • 00_tsqlt.sql – Creates a database and adds the tsqlt framework.
  • 01_GetTesting_tsqlt_Setup.sql – adds objects you need.
  • 10_SQT_SQLCop_Demo.sql – The standards test demo
  • 20_SQT_RefactorArticles_MetaData.sql – Testing a table API
  • 30_SQT_RefactorArticles_IsolateProcedure – Test a function and procedure separately
  • 40_SQT_RefactorArticles_Exceptions.sql – Testing edge cases and bad data
  • 50_SQT_RefactorGrouping.sql – Sample test class breakdown
  • 99_SQT_Cleanup.sql – cleans things up

You do need to have the SQLCLR enabled, and you will enable TRUSTWORTHY for this test database.

Any question, let me know.

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