Daily Coping 9 Apr 2020

I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter, which is helping me deal with the issues in the world. I’m adding my responses for each day here.

Today the tip was to make some progress on a project that matters to you.

Fortunately, I had a timely delivery today. This has been my desk and chair.


I heard a truck this morning and then got this:


I’d been meaning to upgrade my situation for some time, ever since I visited Glenn Berry and sat in his chair.

I opened the box to a nice greeting.


Took a break to assemble things.


And voila


Way more comfortable and I can physically see a difference. Next up, I need to spend some time putting up a better charging station to organize my desk. This is the current one:

I’d like something more like this, with more room to organize part of my desk

2020-04-09 12_38_06-(281) Pinterest

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