T-SQL Tuesday Live 14 Apr

Last week was a bust, which was disappointing for me. I look forward to touching base with a few people and seeing friendly faces. Somehow the meeting had an error, which must have been an issue with me editing the recurring meeting to add a password, a Zoom change, or something else. My money’s on Steve making a mistake.

In any case, I’d like to do this again this week. I created a new meeting and tested it from a VM with none of my credentials. It appeared to work, so my fingers are crossed.


Date: 14 Apr 2020

Time: 13:00MDT/15:00EDT/19:00UTC/20:00BST (1 hour)

Meeting: https://redgate.zoom.us/j/420898102

Password: Cast this as in int –  0x000E418E (you should get a number starting with 9 and ending with 6.

Issues: DM me on Twitter @way0utwest

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