Live Stairways Day 1 Homework

I recorded my first class for the Live Stairways – Learning DAX and Power BI. My apologies for anyone that wanted to join. We had an error in the Zoom meeting, and I had to create a new meeting.

Some fits and starts, but still, an interesting first class, as I worked through Level 1. A few things I, and you, need to do to follow along. I’ll add this to the class course, but for now, some homework.


First, SQL Server.

If you haven’t installed SQL Server and SSAS, do that. You can get the developer edition from the SQL Server downloads page. I’m using SQL Server 2017, but 2019 should work. Set this up on a machine somewhere, and be sure to add SSAS.

I don’t have SSAS installed, so I’ll do a video and post on how to add that to your SQL Server installation.

Next, Power BI Desktop.

If you haven’t installed Power BI Desktop, go here and download it. It’s an easy, standard Windows install.

Last, AdventureWorks DW Version

The AdventureWorks scripts are on GitHub. You can download the install script and run this to set up the DW database.

That’s it for now. I’ll hold off on the SSAS project for now.

homework #1 – Install SQL Server and SSAS
homework 2 – AdventureWorks DW version
Homework 3 Power BI

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