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Live Stairways Day 1 Homework

I recorded my first class for the Live Stairways – Learning DAX and Power BI. My apologies for anyone that wanted to join. We had an error in the Zoom meeting, and I had to create a new meeting. Some … Continue reading

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Setting 2020 Learning Goals

I deliberately didn’t set any goals at the start of 2020 since I was taking six weeks off for a sabbatical. That’s done, and it’s time to look forward. I know I have a few things that will be important … Continue reading

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Growing and Changing

When I started with SQL Server, I worked on OS/2 and SQL Server 4.2. Eventually I moved on to SQL Server 6.5 at a few places, one of which had heavy workloads. While I liked v6.5 much more than v4.2, … Continue reading

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Practical Web Scraping–Getting Started

As part of my learning goals for 2018, I wanted to work through various books. This is part of  my work with Python. After going through a few first chapters, I decided to start my February learning with Practice Web … Continue reading

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