Azure DevOps Agent Job Names

I’ve been working with some complex builds lately, multi-stage ones, and I’ve been annoyed by the Azure DevOps agent. If you’re like me, you might see this in Agent consoles:

Azure DevOps agent output

Notice anything interesting? No? Me, either.

This is annoying. I’ve renamed the releases and builds, but for some reason, I still get “Agent Job”. Very annoying, but I also see that this does allow for more customization. In Azure DevOps, things are very flexible, but often not obvious or intuitive where they are changed.

In this case, I can look at a Build stage. I see something like this:

ADO Build definition

I’ve renamed the CI, and I see that as the  Pipeline as well. This what I’d hope would get sent to the agent. However, it doesn’t. Instead, I need to click on “Agent Job 1” in this case. Once I do that, I see this:

ADO Agent Job properties

Here is where “Agent Job” comes from. In this case, I’d had two at one point, but deleted the other. I can rename this to something else:

Renaming the agent job title

Once I do that, I’ll start seeing names that allow me to more easily track what the agents are doing.

ADO Agent output with proper names



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