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Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as #SQLNewBloggers.

In a previous post, I installed SSAS on a machine. Now I need to connect to it. This post covers a quick, how do I do that.

Do connect in SSMS, you can use the Object Explorer. If you click the down arrow on the Connect button, you’ll see choices.

2020-05-04 10_18_51-

If you pick SSAS, you get a similar connection dialog. The SSAS instance is named the same as your base instance. In this case, I had a named instance, so I enter the same name as I’d use for the database engine.

2020-05-04 10_18_59-Connect to Server

There’s not much to see, but I’m connected. My installation is working.

2020-05-04 10_19_15-SQLQuery4.sql - Plato_SQL2017.way0utwest (PLATO_Steve (89))_ - Microsoft SQL Ser

I could also connect with  a query window. The toolbar has a couple choices.

For MDX:

2020-05-04 10_22_04-SQLQuery5.sql - Plato_SQL2017.way0utwest (PLATO_Steve (54)) - Microsoft SQL Serv

For DAX:

2020-05-04 10_22_19-SQLQuery5.sql - Plato_SQL2017.way0utwest (PLATO_Steve (54)) - Microsoft SQL Serv

For either one of these, the connection process is the same.


After the post where I installed SSAS, I needed to test it. Rather than add that to the post, I ran through the steps, grabbed sceenshots, and then wrote this post as a second one.

Focus on one thing, not multiple things, in a post.

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