Daily Coping 9 June 2020

I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to the Community Circle, which is helping me deal with the issues in the world. I’m adding my responses for each day here.

Today’s tip is to think of 3 things you’re grateful for and write them down.

This is similar to a previous tip, but this is a good exercise. As we often say in yoga, learn to practice gratitude.

Thing 1

I am grateful for my health. Despite a body that feels like it’s deteriorating as I get older, I am in good health.  I rarely need to go to the doctor, and I haven’t caught COVID. I can still snowboard, and while it feels really slow, I can still pull on the rowing machine at a decent rate. At 50+, I made it through a 5k row at a 2:05 pace. In college, I was doing about 1:56. Not bad.

Thing 2

I am grateful for Simon Galbraith, CEO of Redgate. For giving me this amazing job, for leading Redgate during times of struggle and success, for the culture and respect which he has implemented in our organization. He leads, and does so in ways that make me think, inspire me, and challenge me.

I’ve said it many times, that the highest praise I have for him is that he has built the kind of company that I would want to build if I tried to start one.

Thing 3

I am grateful for the way my children drive the world forward. All different, all living life in different ways, with different thoughts and different actions. I am proud of them, and while I don’t always agree with their choices, I am grateful that they have chosen to be themselves, live their lives, and give me hope for the future of my community and this world.

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