Adding the Social Headline Topic

The world is changing, and the activism is infectious. I’ve tried to be fairly apolitical and unoffensive for most of my career. I definitely have not always succeeded, but in general rules, I’ve avoided most controversial topics, tried to avoid profanity, and been polite in disagreement.

I think those are good general rules, but I don’t think I can be silent about some of the difficult topics impacting the world today around #BlackLivesMatter, LGBTQ issues, treatment of women, and more. These are not political topics, in most cases, but just basic humanitarian issues.

I’ve added the tag, social, and will prefix posts with “Social:” as I discuss and debate these items in my mind.

If you are not interested, please ignore these posts.

If you wish to comment, I will respond to serious questions, but will ignore and disengage from trolling.

If you wish to make a joke  or use irony, sarcasm, or any other technique, please refrain. I see enough of this on Twitter, and honestly, most of you suck at it. You’re not funny, and it comes off poorly. I try to be careful here myself, because I’m not funny either. I might be able to make a joke, but as a public speaker for over a decade, I know it’s a rare occurrence.

I am also looking to drop posts of this nature on Friday, trying to give them time to grow and mature in my mind.

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2 Responses to Adding the Social Headline Topic

  1. Such a small, but a courteous thing to do. Not that I don’t want other people’s thoughts and views, I follow a lot of blogs to keep up with SQL, development, and DevOps stuff. The tag will help me sort through my Feedly feeds easier. Thanks for that.


  2. way0utwest says:

    My pleasure. I know sometimes people want to ignore stuff, so this should help


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