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I saw a few things posted this this week that got me to think. One was a note about the end of pride month, where I realize I hadn’t said or done anything to promote inclusiveness. I don’t think that LGBTQ people are any different than me in most ways. They chose to live a portion of their life in a different way than me, but lots of people do this, just in other different ways.

There was no Pride 5k this year, and few other events in the real world. However, I should have made some effort to promote this event, along with Black Lives Matter, and other things in the world that I’m thinking about.

We have LGBTQ people in the #sqlfamily. Andy Mallon has run an event at the PASS Summit, but I don’t see much else talked about. There are people that feel ashamed, second class, angry, and many other things about their lifestyle because many in society don’t openly welcome them. It’s not enough to

Kendra wrote that she’s sharing pronouns, which I think is a simple, easy thing to do that promotes inclusiveness and helps anyone that wants to share something different than my “he/him”, to do so. I’ve seen some people share “they/them”, but it takes some bravery to do this when most people don’t think about it and a few openly mock the choices.

I just updated my base Powerpoint deck and bio that I keep around on my site and machines to include pronouns. It’s an easy thing to do, and hopefully it makes others more comfortable expressing their own thoughts.

I also need to go out of my way to encourage and support others. I have tried to promote the WIT groups and spoken at a few of their events. I hope that others build groups to support their own underrepresented causes, because there is strength in numbers. However, I also hope that more people that are parts of less mainstream groups find a voice and promote themselves at other events.

That also means I need to make more of an effort to actively include those people when I can and go looking for them.

If anyone feels they are a minority and needs some mentoring, coaching, or wants an opportunity to write/speak, please feel free to reach out to me. I will do my best to include you in our community.

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