Giving Back to Speakers

It might be hard to think back to 2007, but at that time, there were only a few SQL Server events taking place in the world. SQL Bits held its inaugural event, and we had the annual PASS Summit, DevConnections, and Visual Studio Live conferences. Microsoft had a few large events, but outside of user groups, that was it.

In 2007, Andy Warren and I were talking and planning for SQL Saturday #1. That year we thought there were plenty of speakers in that area, with a number of MVPs. However, after the event, as other events sprung up in 2008, we worried if we’d have enough speakers.

He did, and we continue to find new speakers every year. I’ve seen some really good ones, and some that need help. GroupBy is trying to do something in this area. They only choose a few speakers, but they’ve started a mentorship program that is geared to helping new speakers grow.

You can apply to help today, and I’d encourage you to do so. I did.

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