Building an Azure Architecture Diagram

One of the challenges I have at times is illustrating how I’d set up a particular system. Not the technical details, the visual ones. I can use boxes and simple shapes in PowerPoint, and include some logos, but this always feels fairly unprofessional.

Fortunately Redgate has some icons and images I can use to illustrate how things work. I saw recently that Microsoft makes these available as well. There is an Azure Architecture Icons page.

The icons are svg, so while they work in PowerPoint, adding them to something like this post in OpenLiveWriter doesn’t work. However, I could make a quick diagram and capture an image of it.

2020-07-21 12_57_56-Presentation1 - PowerPoint

Not great, but it shows I can put icons on a page with arrows.

I would hope they’d make similar icons available for products and perhaps other features, like Azure Boards, Pipelines, and more. I haven’t seen official ones like this, but I hope I do.

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