Office Upgrade – A Secret Lab Chair

Last year I wandered over to Glenn Berry’s house for some lunch and a chat. While I got to see his home brewing setup and the latest in computer hardware, one of the neat things that stood out was a Secret Lab chair. It’s a nice looking chair, but when I sat in it, it put my $79 Office Depot chair to shame.

I thought about it for a few months, but since I travel a lot, I wasn’t overly concerned. Then the pandemic and lockdown hit, and I was at my desk every day, and likely for the foreseeable future. I decided my back could use a little more support and an upgrade.

I looked through the list and decided on a Titan chair. I’m 6’, 225lbs, and this seemed to be the chair to get. I ended up with a PU Leather version, fairly plain, without any special designs. There are some neat ones, but I’m a simple guy. Plus, no one sees this and the $50 for some special edition would make my wife just laugh at me every day.

Here’s the chair in my office.


Since I got this a few months ago, it’s more comfortable to sit in and it supports my back well. I like that I can easily adjust the back tilt, as I like to sit up straight most of the time, but I can lower it for calls or more relaxed situations where I’m not typing.

I even upgraded it with some rollerblade-like Oasis wheels recently after we refinished our floors. These are fantastic and the chair now glides across the floor and carpet without any snags.


This is a nice home office upgrade. It’s not cheap, but it is something to think about if you plan on spending a lot of time at your desk. Your boss might even cover the cost as an investment in you. It never hurts to ask.

I got my chair for $379 early this year, and you can, too. They’re $399 now, but you can use this link to get $20 off and start enjoying a better experience at your desk.

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