Better Productivity: Cycling the Windows Clipboard in Windows 10

A quick tip I learned, that has become handy for me.

Tl;dr: Try Win+V

Often I am moving lots of information between different applications. I might do some editing, some code movement, even grabbing notes for reporting feedback to dev teams or something else. I may need 2-3 pieces of info, and make heavy use of the Windows Clipboard.

However, sometimes an app is running slow, and I might end up cutting a second piece of data before pasting in the first one. I ran cross this tip recently, which was really handy.

Using the Windows key and V, I can get a list of a few items that I’ve recently put on the clipboard. While writing this piece, he’s an image (actually a picture) of what my Win+V looks like.


As you can see, I have a few items I can pick from. I can arrow up and down and then hit Enter to insert the pasted item. I can also use the mouse.

You can ensure this is enabled in your control panel (settings). Click Win+I to get this and search for Clipboard. In there, the history item is what you want to enable.

2020-09-11 13_12_46-Settings

A little trick, but it keeps me from slowing down when I’m trying to get a few things done at once.

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