Scaling Serverless Azure

I enjoy reading articles and blogs about how people solve technical issues. The
Trainline blog has had some good posts over the years, and the Netflix tech blog always gets me to think, even thought I don’t use many of their technology choices. There are others of course, but for the Microsoft tech, I run into some neat posts at the Microsoft Devblogs.

Recently I saw one from Davide Mauri on streaming at scale using Azure SQL Database. I really like the platform, but it still feels like something that needs maturity. Seeing this post with metrics, testing, and evaluation of how the system works with data gives me more confidence that this might work for a scenario I hadn’t considered.

I love that the post includes lots of references to code and other explanations, making me think I could set this up and test it. Certainly I’d like to know more about the actual costs of the test, which is something missing from too many discussions of cloud implementations, especially PaaS ones.

An exception might be Troy Hunt’s series on Azure and how he’s built HaveIBeenPwned. This is a scaling post, though you can find others if you search around. He’s disclosed the costs of things in some of his posts, which help me to understand how important choices are to both performance and your budget.

If you are looking to build systems in the cloud, I urge you to search out and read as many experiences as you can. Most of them boil down to write for the cloud, write good code, and test, but do so in a way that takes advantage of the cloud. Don’t expect to just have things work for you, no matter how good a developer you are. You need to understand your tools, and the cloud is just another tool.

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