Markdown Links– Remembering the Basics

For some reason, I can never remember how to do markdown links. I know to use the hash symbol (#) for headings. I know that asterisks do bold, or italics, though I can’t remember one or two without checking. This seems to work for me. Though when I check the, I see I’ve forgotten underscores can be used.

I know numbers and dashes for lists, that’s intuitive. I get that and use it all the time.

But I can’t remember how to do links. I know parenthesis and brackets are involved, but I constantly seem to get it wrong.

Writing help memory

At least for me, writing actually helps my memory. so, I’m writing this on a piece of paper.


As a matter of fact, I’ll write it a couple times, and type it here.


[voice of the dba](

while I’m at it.


Maybe now I’ll remember this.

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