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In 2020 for the first time, I donated to a few political campaigns. I’ve never done that before, though my wife has. I was inspired, and I was glad I helped out, and the candidates I supported went 1-1. That’s fine, as I believed in both of them.

Last week I saw a tweet from Jeff Atwood, fellow UVA alum and founder of Stack Overflow. He was raising money for the Georgia Senate run-off in January.

2020-11-30 15_28_03-Jeff Atwood on Twitter_ _It's Monday, so that means it's time to raise money for

I’d seen a note from him the week before, but was busy and ignored it. This time, I decided to donate. I did so immediately, and got a text from my wife right away. She watches our money closely and asked if I’d actually donated to the GA campaigns. I had, and got a thumbs up back.

I was stunned when I got a PM from him informing me that I’d won the iPad. I’ve almost never won anything, but I often don’t even bother to enter contests.

Jeff has been running contests to help raise money for the Democratic candidates, and he’s giving away tech gifts to inspire people. This week the prize is a Macbook Air, with the M1 processor, courtesy of Brent Ozar.

If you believe in Jon Ossoff, and want to prevent some gridlock in DC during the next few years consider donating. The chance to win a prize is icing on the cake, but the chance to affect change is more important. I’ve listened to the Democratic candidates, and I think they are good people, looking to improve their state and our country. Character is important, and I think both candidates have that character.

My opinion, I also think that remarks from their opponents lack the character I prefer, putting their party above the well-being of the country and its citizens.

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