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SSMS is, well, it’s what we mostly have from Microsoft. It’s been around a long time, but it is getting regularly released. There are new versions about every quarter, and there are bug fixes and minor enhancements. Azure Data Studio appears to be where Microsoft would like most of us to move, but I, and many others, somewhat resist this because it’s not quite as full featured as we’d like.

Recently I was watching one of Brent Ozar’s Ask Me Anything recordings, and some people asked about SSMS and other IDEs. I think Brent is mostly an SSMS fan, and deals with issues, but he mentioned some other IDEs, like DataGrip.

I’ve never used that one, but I used to use RapidSQL when it was Embarkadero, mostly because I had offline editing. Once Microsoft added that, I didn’t see a reason to buy it anymore. At Redgate, we’ve been asked to produce an IDE, but that’s a ton of work for limited commercial appeal. At least, that’s been what I think.

Today, I’m curious. What’s your favorite IDE to work with SQL Server, or maybe the Microsoft data platform? I’d like to know what you use for SQL Server, but I’d also be curious what you use for other code. PoSh, C#, anything else. Are you a Visual Studio person? Do you like VS Code, and if so, is ADS a complement for databases or do you prefer SSMS?

Let me know. Maybe you’ll convince me to try another editor.

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