Goal Progress–November 2020

This is my report, which continues on from the Oct report. It’s getting near the end of the year, and I wanted to track things a little tighter, and maybe inspire myself to push.

Rating so far: C-

Reading Goals

Here were my goals for the year.

  • 3 technical books
  • 2 non-technical books – done

Books I’ve tackled:

I’ve made progress here. I have completed my two non-technical books, and actually exceeded this. My focus moved a bit into the more business side of things, and so I’m on pace to complete 4 of these books.

The tech books haven’t been as successful, as with my project work, I’ve ended up not being as focused as I’d like on my career, and more focused on tactical things that I need to work on for my job. I think I’ve learned some things, but not what I wanted.

My push for December is to finish Team of Teams, get through Power BI Desktop, and then try to tackle one new tech book from either the list of them I have, or one I bought last winter and didn’t read.

Project Goals

Here were my project goals, working with software

  • A Power BI report that updates from a database
  • A mobile app reading data from somewhere
  • A website that showcases changes and data from a database.

Ugh. I’m feeling bad here. I had planned on doing more PowerBI work after the PASS Summit, thinking I’d get some things out of the pre-con. I did, but not practical things, so I need to put time into building up a PowerBI report that I can use.

I’ve waffled between one for the team I coach, which has little data, but would be helpful to the athletes, and a personal one. I’ve downloaded some data about my life, but I haven’t organized it into a database. I keep getting started with exercise data, Spotify data, travel data, etc., but not finishing.

I’ve also avoided working on a website, and actually having to maintain it in some way. Not a good excuse. I think the mobile app is dead for this year. I don’t really have enough time to dig in here, at least, that’s my thought.

The website, however, should be easier. I wanted to use an example from a book, so I should make some time each week, as a personal project, and actually build this out. That’s likely doable by Dec 21.

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