Saving PASS Pro Videos

PASS will close down their websites on 15 Jan 2021. That’s just a couple weeks away, and if you’re someone that paid for a year of PASS Pro access, like me, you might want to save the videos so you can still go through the courses. I have no idea if someone will buy the assets and make them available, but I did contract for a year of access, so I believe I can save them for personal use.

NOTE: DO NOT PUBLISH OR DISTRIBUTE THESE TO ANYONE ELSE. That would be illegal and a copyright violation. It may also break other laws.

Here’s what I did to save off my own personal copies.

First, you need to log into the PASS site. In your dashboard, you should see a PASS Pro section. Click that.

2021-01-04 10_36_40-PASS _ MYPASS

This take you to the PASS Pro site. Here, you need to click “Learn” and then pick the item you want. I was more concerned with the current videos than older ones, so I chose the Educational Series.

2021-01-04 10_37_06-Educational Series - PASS

From here, I pick one. For example, I was interested in Dr. Greg Low’s Cloud Transformation. For the series, you need to go through it quickly, but there are some assessment gates. For example, I couldn’t easily pick Item 4, because I hadn’t started item 3.

Design issues aside, click on an item and view the video.

2021-01-04 10_38_31-PASS_ Cloud Transformation

This opens a popup with the video. Click Play, and once it starts, you can right click and “Save Video As”.

2021-01-04 10_38_09-PASS_ Cloud Transformation

If you don’t click Play, you’ll be saving the HTML page, which isn’t what you want.

I went through the series, and it took just a few seconds to start a video and save it off. I could then close it and do the next one. Once I’d started a video, even for 3-4 s, I could get to the next one.

2021-01-04 10_47_46-PASS_ Cloud Transformation

The caveats here are that there are assessments, and you cannot get past them until you go through them. Take some guesses, as you have a few chances, but note your answers. Maybe you can answer well enough to get past them. If not, here were my quick guesses on module 1 for cloud:

2021-01-04 10_50_52-PASS_ Cloud Transformation

2021-01-04 10_51_17-PASS_ Cloud Transformation

I passed:

2021-01-04 10_51_26-PASS_ Cloud Transformation

On to module 2.

Hopefully this helps. If someone gets an automated way to grab these, I’ll update this post.

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3 Responses to Saving PASS Pro Videos

  1. pei zhu says:

    i am not pro member. but i am pass 2020 attendant. i was not able to download summit 2020 sessions. very ugly.

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  2. David Plaut says:

    Same. Right click does not offer to save anything but HTML . Which browser did you use?


  3. Ian G says:

    Pei, these instructions are specific to uses who are PASS Pro members, a separate paid membership unrelated to the PASS Summit. David, are you following the instructions precisely? you must start playing the video, and in Chrome and Chromium Edge I can right-click and Save Video As… Just bringing up the video won’t work.

    Good Luck!


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