T-SQL Tuesday #134–Taking a Break

I’m a day late for T-SQL Tuesday this month, literally because I was taking a break. Yesterday I took a holiday to go snowboarding with a friend. The weekend was a break from life, as I twisted my back Thursday night and spent most of the time since Friday in bed, healing over the weekend.

This month, the invitation is from James McGillivray, and the topic is “Give Me a Break”, which might be appropriate as we have left 2020 behind, but not the pandemic. While I had a break, I’ll give you a few things that help me unwind.

My Breaks from Work

I’ve been stuck at some somewhat, but not completely, during the pandemic. The lockdowns in Colorado were shorter, and easier, so I haven’t had the challenges of others. Plus, I live on a horse ranch, so I’m not as restricted as many others.

I am used to traveling, however, and despite the space we have, I felt somewhat trapped last year. I haven’t been used to spending more than 3-4 weeks in my office without a trip, so there was a different adjustment from many others. Some of my breaks:

  • horseback riding with my wife. We can ride off the property and through some nearby fields for a 2-3 mile trip
  • guitar – I spent more time learning some songs and sitting outside. I’ve even taken some breaks during the day when I need them.
  • language – I picked up Duolingo, and started relearning Japanese with my oldest. He studies on his own, but we text to practice.
  • cooking – my household went from


For vacations, I have been trying to do more of this over the years, and more with my wife. My children are adults, so my wife has joined me for a number of trips in the last few years, some dedicated to vacation, some just extending work trips.

The bucket list vacation for me is a big tour of Japan. I’ve never been, and for no good reason.

Last year we were planning on Machu Piccu in the summer, which got cancelled. That’s still on the list, as is some sort of trip to Africa, likely Kenya/Tanzania. Hiking Mt. Kilmanjaro is on my list.

As for the best vacation, it has to be with family. We’ve had a number, but I think our 12-13 day camping trip up through Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park was epic.

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