Goal Progress–Jan 2021

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2021.

As I look at goal progress for 2021, I’m going to follow a similar pattern as last year. I’ll give myself a current grade and report on overall progress in of the areas where I set goals.

Current Grade: C

I think I’m making some progress, but perhaps not as much as I’d like. I started this post last week, but with Redgate buying the PASS assets, this week has been almost a loss for anything work or career related.


The goal was 4 books (3 non-fiction, 1 tech). Here’s the current progress:

Technical Skills

I’m solving the Advent of Code three times.  I’m also studying for certification.

  • Certification –  AZ-900 – 0%
  • Certification – DP-200 – 0%
  • Skills – T-SQL – 2020 Advent of Code – 4/25
  • Skills – Python – 2020 Advent of Code – 1/25
  • Skills – PowerShell – 2020 Advent of Code – 0/25
  • Skills – TBD


I had a few projects for myself. Most of January was supporting SQL Memorial as well as doing some SQL Saturday/Data Saturday stuff. So far things appear to be working fine.

  • Support events: submitted and approved some PRs.
  • Speak at the 3 local user groups, at least one live presentation
  • Help organize a Denver/Colorado event, live or virtual
  • Complete my Power BI Volleyball report – I know lots of kids will use this, so I need to get it done – 20%
  • SQL Memorial – 80% – This is mostly done, but working on some networking changes. I also need to move the repo out of my personal account, but this also entails pipeline changes, possibly security issues with hosting, etc.

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1 Response to Goal Progress–Jan 2021

  1. Jeff Moden says:

    I have to admit that the problems on the Advent of Code are interesting. They also make me very happy that I’m not a front end developer any more. Much easier to solve in T-SQL. It’ funny… I remember people stating that “SQL” means “Scarcely Qualifiers as a Language”. I was very happy to agree with them and continued to be happy to continue to use T-SQL, especially since 2005 came out.


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