Daily Coping 12 Feb 2021

I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to the Community Circle, which is helping me deal with the issues in the world. I’m adding my responses for each day here. All my coping tips are under this tag. 

Today’s tip is to share what you’re feeling with someone you really trust.

I don’t have a lot of people that I trust too much, but I do have a few. One person in particular outside my family is a good friend that I don’t get enough time with. We’re both busy, physically separated, and not always in contact.

However, I did take some time recently to sit and chat, and let them know some of my struggles with life and the pandemic. I’ve mostly had a good year, but it’s been very hard, stressful, and at times, very unproductive.

I don’t know that I’ve been depressed, as Paul Randal wrote, but  I’ve not been much better for some stretches. Sharing that with someone helped me feel a little better about the struggles I’ve had.

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