It’s Been a Year

I’ll turn this into an editorial, but it’s been a year since my area shut down and life changed. I would never have guessed things would last this long, but at the same time, I’ve become a bit numb and worn out. I know we have at least six more months of this, something I started saying in July and have continued saying every month since.

That being said, I’m hopeful with vaccinations proceeded well in the UK and US that things might change sometime this year. Colorado allows 50 and older to start getting appointments today, and I’m going to try to get scheduled when I can. First, I need to get my second shingles vaccine and get through that.

It’s been over a year since I got on an airplane (last Feb 3, 2020 was my final flight), but I have one scheduled for April 1, not a joke from me, and hopefully not a joke on me.

Things have been rather bland and limited for me the last few months. With all kids leaving the house in the last year, it’s strange. My wife and I are coping, but we miss some of the energy and excitement of having others around, especially as don’t see a lot of other adults in a social setting.

It also seems that work is bland. I haven’t done a lot of virtual events, though I do hope to see more SQL Saturdays this year as I get the brand rebooted. Mostly, I’m tired of video meetings, tired of these four walls, and tired of the sameness.

It’s definitely a first world, privileged problem, but it is still my problem to deal with.

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