Help Build an Amazing Summit in 2021

For a good portion of my career, I’ve been going to the annual Summit in the fall with lots of my fellow SQL Server/Data Platform professionals. I have been to 16 or 17 before last fall’s virtual one.

This year, Redgate has purchased the trademark and brand for the Summit, and they are looking to run a virtual event in the fall. Like many other events of the last year, this will be free, and I’m excited to see how this goes.

Redgate is looking for feedback from those of you that have attended Summits in the past, trying to understand what worked well and what didn’t. They are looking to create a memorable event and evolve the Summit into something better in the future.

Fill out the survey before Apr 15 and you could win a Peloton bike. Not a bad prize for sharing some thoughts on an event I suspect many of you enjoyed and would like to see come back.

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  1. Once I took the course “Programming for Everybody” by the Michigan University on Coursera. There was a map that pinned all the students around the World. It was massive.
    I realized there were people that were following the same course just 10Km away from me.

    I think if you could setup a map that allows people to see where are based the other attendees on the World that would be very intriguing for networking.
    Of course there will be attendees that will not share their connection, fair enough.
    I will personally share mine.
    SCENARIO: if I find myself following a speech that talks about, let’s say “Transactional Replications to the Cloud”. I see on the map that there are 10 people following. Let’s say 1 is in Switzerland like me, I could reach out. But maybe I could also contact another guy from Lithuania or Argentina. And I’m sure they were following the same speech because they were interested in the same topic. So maybe are facing the same problem.

    This will give us the chance to meet and maybe help one each other.


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