Remote Work

This is going to be the first time I’m working remotely today in over a year. I’m in Omaha, and while I’ve gone to a few cities, I haven’t actually worked remotely on a trip in over a year. I did broadcast from my condo in the mountains last summer, but that was because there was too much noise at home from some construction.

However, this time I had a few meetings I can’t avoid and didn’t want to move. I have to coach later today, but I had time this morning, so I decided to not take holiday and work. I’ll have to do a little other work this weekend to make up time, but that’s fine.

It’s interesting working in a hotel again, and carrying all the things I need to work. Laptop, cords, headphones, mouse. Actually, I forgot my mouse since I dropped the laptop in my coaches bag, so I’m dealing with a trackpad.

It’s a pain, but I am looking forward to being able to get to an office again. It looks like that might be possible later this year, and my fingers are crossed.

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