Goal Progress for May 2021

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2021.

As I look at goal progress for 2021, I’m going to follow a similar pattern as last year. I’ll give myself a current grade and report on overall progress in of the areas where I set goals.

Current Grade: C+

Again, I’m falling behind and I’ve been a little busy in life, so not doing much outside of work. I read a little, and some SQL Saturday things, but not much coding. I did get some project work done, so it wasn’t horrible, but as I’m winding down volleyball season, that’s eaten up time.


The goal was 4 books (3 non-fiction, 1 tech). Here’s the current progress:

  • Non fiction – Project to Product – 47%
  • Career – TBD
  • Career – TBD
  • Technical – TBD

Technical Skills

I’m solving the Advent of Code three times.  I’m also studying for certification. In terms of work here, I did do some coding, but not enough. I’m behind here and #7 is daunting, which slowed me a bit. Same as last month, I tried #7, but got stuck and gave up.

  • Certification –  AZ-900 – 5%
  • Certification – DP-200 – 0%
  • Skills – T-SQL – 2020 Advent of Code – 5/25
  • Skills – Python – 2020 Advent of Code – 6/25
  • Skills – PowerShell – 2020 Advent of Code – 5/25
  • Skills – TBD


I had a few projects for myself. Most of May was SQL Saturday stuff. So far things appear to be working fine. I did work on my PowerBI report a bit and it looks good so far.

  • SQL Saturday Inc – 90%
  • Support events: I spoke at another event and a user group
  • Speak at the 3 local user groups, at least one live presentation – 0%
  • Help organize a Denver/Colorado event, live or virtual – 20% (more conversations)
  • Complete my Power BI Volleyball report – I know lots of kids will use this, so I need to get it done – 60%
  • SQL Memorial – 90% – I updated this, sadly, as someone passed. I need to move this to straight GitHub Pages and get the custom domain set.

Overall, SQL Saturday is really set. Incorporated and starting to contact people. Updates here: blog.sqlsaturday.com

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