The PASS Data Community Summit Call for Speakers

The other day I saw something that I wasn’t sure I’ve ever see again. The call for speakers for the PASS Data Community Summit went out. After the dissolution of the PASS organization, I wasn’t sure this conference would ever appear again, but it is happening.

Redgate is running this as a community summit, and we’ve engaged a number of people that helped put things together in the past to help again. It’s a free event this year, like many large conferences, and that means your sessions could be seen by hundreds or thousands of people.

If you have ever spoken, or want to try, submit. There are less rules and restrictions. The program committee is headed by Grant, Kathi, and Marcella, all of whom have worked on the program in the past. They have lots of volunteers to evaluate the talks and put together a great schedule, but they are looking for alternative points of view or unique solutions.

They’re also looking for back to basics, which is something many of us could talk about. Likely many of us do every day at work.

I’ll submit something, and I hope you will as well.

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