More Remote Work

I’m taking a vacation. A real, honest, get away from home without commitments vacation.

And to a new place!

I’m heading to Key West today, a place I’ve never been. I wanted to go earlier this year, but other things got in the way. However, a friend in FL was heading down for a break and we decided to join them. My sister-in-law heard, and she’s meeting us as well.

It’s almost a week in the sun, though I will need to work a couple days. I’ll take today off to travel and tomorrow to lay in the sun, but for a few days next week I’ll still be in FL and working.

Looking forward to a little writing while I’m staring out at the ocean.

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  1. Brian K says:

    Hopefully you do the drive down the Keys… that’s a very cool drive. Oh ya Key West is nice too.


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