Gathering More Digital Data with Tile Slim

After my wallet misadventures, I ordered a Tile Slim to track my wallet. It came a few days later and I walked through the setup. As you can see here, it’s literally the size of a credit card. It’s about as thick as 3. How do I know? See the post above.


The instructions say to download the app and follow the instructions.

I did that, and the setup consisted of creating an account, pressing the button on the Slim and then letting my phone find it. Most of the rest of the setup was getting location services added and then enabling Find my Phone (or not). I did this, as I’ve lost my phone a couple times lately for a short while.

I think I’m getting old.

In any case, I completed things, put this in my wallet and then walked away.

Actually, like any good developer, I tested it. First, I left my wallet on the desk and walked upstairs. Since the bedroom is above the office, this wasn’t helpful. I could see the wallet very close to me in it’s history. If I activated the sound, I could hear it, which is good. If I drop my wallet behind a bed or piece of furniture, this should work. Especially if I walk around a bit.

Next, I took it outside to the camping trailer. I left it there and went inside, almost right away. Not quite, as I loaded up a few things I needed to pull out of the trailer. When I checked the tile, Bluetooth told me it wasn’t in range, but the location history showed it a short distance from where I was standing in the kitchen. That’s cool.

Of course, I need to have my phone and my wallet near each other for location history, but still, that’s helpful.

I’ll see how this works, and if I can get some of this digital data and maybe see how often I don’t have my phone and my wallet. That might be an interesting piece of IoT data to plot.

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