Going Unwired

I was thinking that I might work a bit this week, but decided to not try.

I’m up in Elk Haven this week, near Mount Rushmore with my wife and a few friends. Kids are handling the ranch, and this is a vacation time for us. We went last year and loved it, especially as this was one of the few places we could go during the pandemic.

The reason I considered working is my wife will ride for a few hours each day, and then do some horse care with her friends. In the past, we’ve stayed near Custer and I’ve been able to work for a half day or so while she’s busy and then enjoy the night with her. I considered that here, as I’m the only non rider.

However, Elk Haven is in the middle of nowhere, E of Custer and really on National Forest land. There are no cell signals there, the wi-fi is incredibly spotty, not to mention only at the common lodge, and a drive to any of the towns nearby is a 30 minute one-way trip.

So I gave up, won’t bother with the laptop, and will enjoy a week being unwired.

See you next week.

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