Tesla Bug Reports

This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y.

I can’t remember where I learned this, but I saw someone that explained how to report bugs to Tesla in their software, or I guess, the hardware. I didn’t think a lot of it initially, but the last few weeks I’ve been using this every time something weird happens.

The way this works is you activate the voice control by pressing the right steering wheel button. When the software responds, say “Bug report” followed by the issue.

For example, the other day I was returning home and going down the country road that leads to my neighborhood. This road has a lot of hills, some steep, and I use cruise control sometimes to keep a steady rate. Sometimes, not always, as I go up a hill, the car will brake before cresting the hill. At times it’s light braking, going from 45 to 43. At times it’s heavy, and has slowed to 35 or slower.

That’s not fun.

I immediately hit the right hand button on the steering wheel and said, “Bug report phantom braking on hill”. I click the button again and it acknowledges the bug report submitted to Tesla. It also says I can schedule service if something is wrong.

I have started to make this report as often as I get phantom braking. What I’m hoping is that every one of these reports includes the telemetry from the car. Knowing when the model is not appropriately managing car functions should help with better training.

If it gets used.

I’m taking a leap of faith that Tesla is looking at this feedback. Not each report, but in aggregate. Certainly test experiences with Autosteer years ago and now show an improvement. I’m hoping that giving them more data points will continue to improve things.

There’s a quick video of my showing this.

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