The Chili Shirt–Memories of Euan Garden

Early on in the history of SQL Server Central, we were offered the chance to work in a booth a TechEd and promote our little site. Brian Knight, Andy Warren, and I took the opportunity to go and hang out at the conference. I think this was 2004 or 2005, and we decided we should have logo’d shirts. I was given the task of choosing them and getting them customized.

I ended up going with Hawaiian shirts, doing 3 for each of us in different designs. The idea was to wear a new one each day and match each other. I chose a fish theme, a traditional flower theme, and a chili-pepper theme.

It was at that conference that I met Euan Garden, who was working for Microsoft with the SQL Server team. I enjoyed talking with him and seeing him talk about the platform. He liked the shirts and asked if we’d make him one. No one had asked, and I thought it would be good marketing, so I had another one made and gave it to him at another event. I don’t even have my shirt anymore, but it’s this one:


I don’t have a picture with Euan (actually, I don’t have the shirt anymore). This was pre-iPhone, pre cameras everywhere, back when I made most calls to Brian and Andy on a land-line, reserving the expensive minutes on cellular for emergencies.

Over the years I’ve seen Euan at various events and had a short chat. I’ve enjoyed our interactions, and I’ve thought of him every time I wear that shirt.

I’m stunned at his passing, on a day where the husband of another friend also passed.

Life is truly short, and you must enjoy it while you have it.

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