The Next Event: T-SQL Tuesday #145

tsqltuesdayIt’s time for T-SQL Tuesday again, and this month the host is Xavier Morera. He’s been part of the push I had to get a host with every letter of the alphabet. Silly, but fun for me. Now I just need I, O, Q, U, Y, and Z.

The invite this month is about conferences, and specifically what is your favorite event, venue, presenter, and where you want for your next event. A topic near and dear to my heart as a speaker and organizer, so I’m looking forward to what people write.


I’ve been blessed to go to many events. My Speaking CV shows most, but I’ve been to quite a few others as an attendee. My favorite conference is SQL Bits. They event is always slightly different, the themed party is fun, and they are family friendly. I see people from all over the world, and I’m excited just thinking about going in 2022.

My favorite venue is harder. Lots of venues are just spaces, just conference centers. That being said, I think that there are a couple that stand out. Bangalore had a beautiful conference center. SQL Saturday #66 in Colorado Springs was in a games/go-kart center. The elementary school at the Jewish Center in Portland. All memorable locations.

I think my favorite place I’ve been was the Royal Society of Medicine in London. Redgate rented this out for a few events, and it’s nice, lots of comfortable seats, plenty of bathrooms, tables for lunch. It was quite a nice venue.

My favorite speaker is tough. I’ve seen many, and I’ve enjoyed most. I’ll give a nod to Amir Netz, from Microsoft, who I’ve seen quite a few times over the years. He’s entertaining, funny, and smart. Half the time I don’t quite understand what he’s talking about, but I’m enjoying it just the same.

The Next Event

I’m blessed in that I’m actually just returning from my “next event”. I was in Las Vegas last week for the SQL Server and Azure SQL Conference at DevIntersection.  I’ve been lucky that I was able to attend a few live events this year (2021) and am looking forward to more in 2022.

Costa Rica would be an amazing next event. I have never been there and would love to go. I’d speak, volunteer, and help organize if someone is interested.

It’s a tough time in the world, and I know that holding a live event might not be possible, or safe, in some locations. I would love to return to New Zealand, I’m looking forward to Jacksonville in the spring, as I’ve never been able to make that SQL Saturday.

If I had to choose, I’d want to get a SQL event in Tokyo and go there. I have never been to Japan, and it’s on my list of places to go at some point, so I hope I hear 日本へようこそ one day.

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