SQL Saturday Colorado Springs 2022

In just over a month, SQL Saturday comes back to Colorado Springs. On Mar 19, SQL Saturday Colorado Springs 2022 is taking place at the local library. This is a chance ot meet in person and see other data platform professionals in the local area.

If you are in the Denver/Colorado Springs area, please pass the word. Data Professionals, Developers, everyone is welcome that wants to come out to a live event. It’s a one track event, which I find to be a fun type of conference. Everyone sees the same thing, and we have a collective experience.

I won’t be there, sadly, as I have previous plans to visit my daughter in NY. I’m sad to miss the event, but I hope a lot of you make plans to go and enjoy the chance to get together.

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  1. Greg Moore says:

    I’ve spoken there twice (well once, the first time, only one person showed up and left: https://blog.greenms.com/2018/03/27/and-so-it-happened/)

    That said, It was a lot of fun and I’d highly recommend it.

    If I still had friends out there, I’d consider the trip myself.


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