A New Command Palette in SQL Prompt

I’ve gotten used to using the Command Palette in VS Code/ADS/Sublime Text regularly to find some setting or change something. What felt strange at first has become a habit for me. I actually like having this one place to search and get things done.

It’s now in SQL Prompt.

If I press ALT+S, I see this in SSMS. A large command prompt with lots of entries.

2022-02-22 12_33_20-SQLQuery1.sql - ARISTOTLE_SQL2017.sandbox (ARISTOTLE_Steve (54))_ - Microsoft SQ

This popup lets me do a few things. If I start typing, I can get to most any object or SQL Prompt command from here. It’s like a global search for all things Prompt.

As an example, I can highlight an object and then ALT+S, type “object ex” and I’ll see this:

2022-02-22 12_35_27-SQL Prompt_ Command Palette

If I select the “Select in Object Explorer” (or click), the OE will navigate to that item.

2022-02-22 12_36_57-

Simple, and I could get there in other ways, but having all this in one searchable place, rather than right clicking and looking through a menu, or looking at the top menu bar, is easy. I even see the shortcut in the command palette (CTRL+F12) if I want to memorize it.

I can also use this for commands like insert semicolons, which I can never remember the shortcut for.

2022-02-22 12_38_50-SQL Prompt_ Command Palette

I can look for objects, commands, or options, filtering my results with the selection at the top. Or I can look in all areas. I can even look at the see the status of options in the palette, as shown here.

2022-02-22 12_41_38-SQL Prompt_ Command Palette

I have some things memorized, and the ALT+S isn’t quite in my muscle memory, but I am finding that I use it when I don’t know where something is located, or can’t remember a shortcut.

It’s a new feature, and the team is looking for feedback, so give it a try and let them know what you think.

If you don’t have SQL Prompt for SSMS and SQL Server, download an eval today and give it a try.

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