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I’ve had a busy speaking schedule for a number of years. If you look at my Speaking CV, there are a lot of events, even during the last two years. Before the pandemic, most of my events were in person and I was able to travel around the world. The last two years I’ve had few trips, though last year I did manage to get out of town with my wife to:

  • Omaha
  • Philadelphia
  • Orlando
  • Key West
  • Las Vegas
  • Boise
  • Brussels
  • DC

A fairly busy year, with a couple other trips to LA for Redgate business.

I wasn’t sure what would happen in 2022. While airlines extended status in 2020 and helped in 2021, I was a bit worried about 2022. Would I travel enough to renew my status? It might be silly, but it makes travel easier, and there are perks my wife can enjoy as well.

I had a slow start this year, and I haven’t been on a plane yet. I had a trip cancelled as well, and a couple others I expected got delayed. United gave me a kickstart, with 20% of the credits I need to renew status, but I was slightly worried.

However, things picked up quickly. As of now, I have these trips scheduled:

  • London
  • Syracuse
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago
  • Reno
  • Jacksonville
  • London and Brussels
  • Amsterdam
  • Austin
  • LA

Quite a packed schedule, and it’s one that will definitely hamper my work on spring chores around the ranch. Still, it’s exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing new places, meeting new people, and spending time with friends.

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