Tesla Parked for Two Weeks

This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y.

I went to Europe for two weeks. My wife joined me a week in and left our Tesla at the airport. Once she got on a plane, I double checked that Sentry mode was off and then went about our travels.

When we got back, about 8 days later, we got into the car and it had 64% battery charge. When my wife parked it, it had 65%. The usage shows 0.4kWh for the 8 days, with the car essentially shut down for the time.

Not a amount of usage for a week. I checked a couple times to see how things were changing in the week, but it didn’t seem like the charge was going down.

This was during a period of time when the weather was 70-80F, so that is a temperature that doesn’t affect the battery much. It will be interested to try this in the winter.

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